Ahish Kumar's Story

My parents passed away when I was 7 years old. My little brother was 5. We have no medical facility in our village then or even now, and they both died of disease. I was raised by my grandparents who lived in the same village.

I was a bright student and had distinction in my high school exams. My grandfather had to really work hard in the fields every day even in his old age to help to feed us. He is 85 years old now.

I took the government eligibility test and qualified for a free seat in engineering and passed my course with distinction.

During my college days, I attended church at Jagdalpur, and learned of the MBA program at Immanuel University.

Of course, I could never have afforded to do an MBA. But looking at my academic records, Bishop Lohara was kind enough to offer me a loan to pursue my dreams for an MBA.

I was in the top three in my first semester and wish to secure a distinction in my final exams and make our Bishop proud for the trust he has put in me.

The ambience at the campus is so good. I think I am going to cry when I have to leave the college after my MBA.

Thank you for supporting us at IU. You can never know what it means to students like me.


Bikash’s Story

My name is Bikash, and I come from a forest village in Odisha. I love music. I used to play different instruments sitting in the jungle sometimes to the chirping of the birds.

My father was a farm worker. He would take me with him to the fields but my interest would always be in playing music.

I studied in a government school a few miles from our home. While in college I used to play music in meetings and social events in order to earn some money for my family.

When I completed my B.A., Superintendent Prakash Naik told me about an MBA program at Immanuel University. I was very interested but knowing our financial resources, I did not take much interest.

But he insisted that I should apply for a loan from I.U. and study in Hyderabad. I talked to my parents who decided to provide security for the loan with our family home.

I am so happy I am at Immanuel University. I am looking forward to getting a good job when I complete the MBA and pay off the loan to get the home back for our family.

I enjoy the time in the church. I am on the church choir - I play guitar and drums.

Thank you for supporting students like me at I.U.